The Full Moon of April 8, 2020

The Full Moon of April 8, 2020 carries a lot of energy changes. More lightness allows us to gain height on the events we are going through. The advent of a shift in the energy of responsibility takes us on a collective adventure on the meaning of solidarity and equality in the years to come. Our national currency will certainly be (re) tested. Chic chic chic!




  1. Air, air, air. This is a bit what the energies stimulated around this Full Moon of April 8, 2020 bring us. For the first time in many months, we have energy stimulation that makes it easier to gain height and distance, in the face of the heaviness of the events we are going through. It’s a blessing. So let’s take advantage!
    If the general confinement had taken place during one of those sticky, muddy energy months like we experienced in the fall or winter, our morale would be much lower.
    We can thank Providence for having confined us under that sky. The pandemic and containment is causing a lot of drama. The description of the sky that I do does not minimize them. It’s just an inventory of the energy we’re going through that helps us understand why we can feel lighter than we would have expected in such circumstances.
    I hear a lot of people around me not complaining too much, finding their account in this confinement, and ultimately being surprised to live it fairly well.
    Lightness is everywhere, it feels good, but can also be the sign of a certain casualness that we can observe in our leaders who sometimes treat the gravity of events with disconcerting recklessness, or even in walkers who don’t fail to take into account the gravity of the situation.
    This is part of this atmosphere, it is its other side, the lightness which makes it possible to de-dramatize is also an energy which leads to a certain casualness.
  2. The weakest energy around this Full Moon on April 8, 2020 is that of willpower. It’s quite strange because we are in the month of Aries. The Sun in this sign directs our vital energy in the expression of our will to be individual. However, this energy is weak and we can feel a certain difficulty in following our impulses.
    They are there, there are many impulses which are born, but little or no relay to make them succeed. The smallest distraction of spring quickly makes us forget our first impulse. Which means that it takes a lot of awareness to follow a goal right now.
    This point is stronger on this Full Moon day of April 8, 2020 because our emotions will be much more inclined to seek a form of harmonization with those around us, than to pursue an individual objective obstinately.
  3. The Full Moon of April 8, like the New Moon of March 24, 2020, and perhaps more, allows us to take a step forward in understanding what sustains our true being. If our active will is not very sustained, we still have an opportunity to discover something more authentic about who we really are.
    This manifests itself a lot at the moment in the consultations. There are strong and authentic emergences of deep knowledge of ourselves, and of what our life energy is in depth. We get rid of certain beliefs about ourselves, lifting the veil on what we really are. These reconnections to ourselves are done with more frequency and intensity than I have observed before. There is a lifting of the veil on our reason for being in this world.
  4. The awareness of responsibility is changing. This change has been underway since the last New Moon. I had not mentioned it before, what I will do today on this Full Moon. The energy of responsibility stimulated in the previous period a process of integration of our individual responsibility concerning the structure of our life. We no longer had to rely on external structures, governments, unions, institutions, companies … to build us, but to become responsible for our own structure to move forward. We build ourselves. If we still relied too much on external structures, these would turn into an authoritarian model that would block our growth.
    That’s kind of what we’ve seen with planetary governance models in the past two years. Social movements, which have sought to change established and institutional structures in the direction of a better life, have taken walls and sometimes, violent repressions.
    Today, this energy of responsibility, which is also the energy of governance, has passed into another process that stimulates everyone to become responsible in terms of their community ideals, equity and solidarity. It’s good to go this way in ourselves, once again, and not to wait for a leader to explain to us « what is national solidarity ».
    The rulers are already in the mood. They are inviting us to step aside on an individual level, in the name of the national common cause, with calls to sacred union. The de-confinement and its consequences will accentuate this requirement of governance.
    If we fight against this in a dualist mode, a little like it was done in the previous period with the institutional disintegration which no longer ensured the social minima for the most disadvantaged, we will again be blocked and frustrated in the expression of our collective ideals.
    We will have to find in ourselves the most honest expression of our ideals of equality, fraternity and solidarity, and put it into practice, to get through this period, without feeling blocked by the measures that will be probably taken to impose a community ideal that will seem unfair or twisted to us.
  5. For the Full Moon of April 8, 2020, the stimulation of living and sharing our community ideals is reinforced by another source of energy. It is about the energy of desire and the conquest of new territories. She is also stimulating this process. This can make us combative enough to seek out an expression of solidarity and fairness. Our desire is less turned towards our need for personal power, but more towards that of conquering, opening up, enlarging a collective territory ensuring a form of solidarity and equality for all.
  6. These two energies turned towards the need to live in a fair and united society that we have just seen, are nourished and nourish a taste for new ideas, for the exploration of new ideas. It is a fairly creative intellectual stimulation that we can experience in the short period of this Full Moon on April 8, 2020. We have a taste for curiosity, we can enjoy discovering new things to fuel our need to explore ideas that will make the world fairer and more united.
  7. These same energies are also in tension with the energy, which is currently exploding our material living conditions.
    Our habits in our relationship to the material world are changing. Confinement generates a different mode of consumption, which will cause economic difficulties, and certainly an overhaul of our relationship to our vital resources with a liberation of our monetary system.
    The tension between the energies, which support an egalitarian and equitable model, and the upheaval underway in our relationship to our material resources, manifest themselves when the lack appears. When nothing is lacking, it « could » be easy to be united and fair.
    But when we lack everything, the situation changes. The tension mounts and we see the absurdities of our resource management system appear. We can see this with the management of COVID-19 masks and tests. In a context where solidarity and fairness should be shown for all, material resources are lacking and our current system, based on the market economy and financial speculation protects the highest bidder in defiance of solidarity. This, and no doubt other aberrations of the kind which will become visible, could accelerate the tensioning of our current system of management of the material resource, and risk in the long term of causing an explosion of our economic and monetary system.

Well, that’s all for today. Perhaps to illustrate the exercise of our responsibility regarding the sense of equality and brotherhood, we must remember that we carry these words in France in our currency and on the pediments of our town halls. The revolution of 1789 that brought them to light took place when Pluto, the star that upset our structures, was in the energies of Aquarius, for the last time about 250 years ago. Here we go again! We will soon update our currency. We are at the gates of this return to framing, to bring out again the sense of equity, but this time in our individual consciences, and not to rally around ideologies of totalitarian egalitarianism.

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Full of April 2020!

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