The Full Moon of April 27, 2021

The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 27, 2021 inaugurates a shift in energy towards more grounding, concrete achievement and connection. The question may then arise as to what will we achieve in this period of great changes and great tensions? Would this be the moment to shake up our tranquility and our passivity, to become responsible for ourselves and for our vision of the world of tomorrow?

  1. Energy shift
    The movement of the stars can be faster than you think. We find it difficult to perceive this movement on a daily basis, but when we do this periodic study of the lunation, it happens, as today, that we see great energy shifts in 15 days. What change are we talking about for this Full Moon of April 27, 2021?
    Two weeks ago, the energy was very clearly Yang, male in principle. It was a good time for excitement and enthusiasm. And for the Full Moon of April 27, 2021, the energy is strongly Yin, of feminine principle. This alternation from one month to the next can be classic to a certain extent since the Sun and the fast stars that accompany it change their sign monthly, alternating between these two principles. But the seesaw is rarely so contrasting. Here it is a bit as if we had switched from one principle to another suddenly or almost.
    The return of Yin energy will allow us to delay our fiery a little and get back to Earth. This is a good thing. When we go too far in all directions, nothing really comes to fruition. The impulse of all kinds, very dispersed, do not allow to lay solid stones. The Yin energy of the moment facilitates the anchoring. It temporize, gives more patience and helps to find the energy of accomplishing things that have been initiated or thought out for projects to enter into the material.
    We are in a phase of materialization and linkage quite important which will make it possible to create interesting collective synergies.
  2. The desire to bond and cocoon …
    Our warrior energy, the one that pushes us to conquer territory, to defend a land that is dear to us, has entered a new process which tends to focus our desire on that of bonding ourselves, of creating bonds that reassure and protect, almost family. This is the terrain that we may want to conquer right now.
    This can make us tend towards a search for a cocoon atmosphere, the desire to relax, to take care of ourselves, which goes well with this spring and sunny atmosphere. It is a form of desire that seeks sweetness and the excess of which could be a somewhat infantile form of desire.
    It’s a bit like we find ourselves wishing to be big, having fun again and that childish pleasure can take over the a little more rigorous or rough things that we have to do. Our desire is more focused on what feeds our need for well-being, to feel in a familiar atmosphere or environment, and are less biting for things that do not give us that immediate enjoyment.
    I have been feeling this for a few days where I am having a lot of fun with great excitement preparing a social network around astrology. I take great pleasure in making it as a child playing Lego, and I have much less appetite for the structuring tasks necessary to put it in place (Terms of Service …). Soon you will have news of this space, which came true in a very short time on a whim.
  3. … supported by great emotional intensity
    For the Full Moon of April 27, 2021, this desire to relate to something familiar and childish is supported by strong emotions. Our emotions are intense around this Full Moon of April 27, 2021. There is a significant emotional charge that makes us vibrate from within with a sense of vital urgency.
    This emotional state is difficult to control, it is a strong intensity that we can feel around this Full Moon and which can cause strong inner turmoil, disturb sleep or develop emotional hypersensitivity. This particular state helps to strengthen our desire to conquer our playgrounds. This could give for example insomnia with an inability to go back to sleep which would stimulate a desire to play the Playstation for hours in the middle of the night. For me, it gives a night work on my project (I am not a fan of video games).
  4. Make the change happen
    The energy of the Full Moon of April 27, 2021 that is dominant is that of materialization or concretization which generates material stability and calms. We are very excited to materialize in this phase of the year when the Sun is in Taurus.
    This can be embodied by a taste for gardening or DIY. Developing from our senses makes sense to us. The intensity of this stimulation is very strong right now. It can soothe us in depth because it keeps us away from emotional turmoil by focusing our energy on a concrete reality that requires quiet attention.
    When we hammer in a nail, if we are emotionally disturbed, we are going to hit ourselves on the fingers. We may make the mistake once or twice, but after that, we learn to focus on the gesture and put aside our disturbing emotions. So this concrete energy helps us stabilize ourselves.
    Around the Full Moon of April 27, 2021, we risk feeling rushed on all sides in this search for stability. We are both strongly stimulated and destabilized, because a form of consciousness works for our emancipation from what would make us too passive and immobile. It can lead to friction and instability, and strangely enough, it gives the impression that it is not easy to keep things stable.
    We must change the paradigm in our relationship to matter and stability. On a more domestic level, one could say that if we are to remain at peace, we need to change our paradigm of what peace is to us. Peace is found by agreeing to overturn and shake up our old anchors. It’s like we have to revisit our peace agreements or they may explode because they can no longer be kept as they are because there is too much imbalance. Over time, strata of habits and structural changes have upset the foundations of our equilibrium and today we need to rethink stability by putting some movement into it.
  5. Revelation of our inner instabilities
    Another aspect reinforces this strange feeling we may have about our stability / instability. Around this Full Moon of April 27, 2021 our personal identification and love of a form of stability reveals its deep instability. As if what we thought was posed within us suddenly turned out to be extremely fragile and surprisingly unstable.
    We are faced with having to face our inner turmoil where we thought we were peaceful and quiet.
    What is revealed can come out unexpectedly through forms of destabilization or sudden and unexpected little anger. There is a revelation emerging about our part of emotional instability that was masked by a belief that we were at ease with it. It’s quite subtle to feel. Like a form of destabilization that appears without warning, that emerges and that comes to show us the emotional part that prevents us from entering fully into physical reality serenely.
    The idea is to let this emerge like old pus to cleanse some beliefs and find a healthier relationship with our incarnation.
  6. Take responsibility for these ideals
    This reversal of our relationship to peace and stability is reinforced by a tension with energies of ideological or communitarian authority. We had a recent illustration of this with the crime that recently took place with a policewoman in France. There is a destabilization of peace, associated in a climate of tension with a form of communitarian authority.
    Fanatical assassination is one of the worst expressions of this tension. Another form is the global exacerbation of communitarianism. This tension is also seen more discreetly in the censorship of social networks. It is akin to a form of community authoritarianism that prevents the spread of ideas. This creates a profound destabilization by clearly showing that there is a social peace, which is broken. The Internet is destabilized by a form of authority, which imposes its vision on our common resources.
    We can find peace on an individual level by taking on these energies in another way. We can transform the energy of community authoritarianism into taking personal responsibility for spreading our ideas and the worldview we want to share.
    Instead of fearing censorship, we can create our own networks, which requires us to take individual responsibility. This will cause disruption in our habits and will force us to emancipate ourselves from what we previously perceived to be our fundamental resources. If YouTube or Facebook didn’t exist what would we do? We would probably recreate them otherwise. What keeps us from doing it right now is the comfort they give us. We have become accustomed to being passive customers who consume service and information in an illusion of utter gratuity.
    Current tensions can lead us to shake up this to change our relationship with the world by remaining free and responsible for our ideas and the networks that disseminate them. It is brighter than chopping off heads to voice your discomfort or your ideology.

There you have it, that’s all for today, you get it I think, this Full Moon energy resonated in me with the idea of developing a social network around astrology. It is being set up and pre-tested. I will gradually expand it to create a community space without advertising, and without an algorithm that restricts or decides what our interests are so that we can freely share around astrology. To be continued in the coming weeks!

Very nice fortnight to all and see you very soon for the New Moon of May 2021!

Image by Esther Merbt from Pixabay

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