The Full Moon of April 19, 2019

This week is not like others. I will treat the Full Moon of April 19, 2019 by making a point on the fire of Notre Dame de Paris. There were quite a few comments on the theme of the fire, trying to understand this event. A friend also asked me these very pertinent questions that will guide this text.


Here are these questions: « Does the fire that ravaged Notre Dame resonate with an aspect in the stars? Is this a sign to tell us that it is time to move on, to leave Christianity behind us … are we entering a new era that requires us to free ourselves from certain things so deeply rooted?

I could answer yes to all these questions with some modulations. But that would only be an opinion. I will try to answer in a context of more global study with the energies of the stars and the teaching of history and current events.

  1. Since 2008, and with more intensity in recent months, the old obsolete structures are in disarray. In 2008, it started with the financial crisis that, instead of being followed by a questioning of the banking system, it was worsened by a reinforcement of the system, this time destructuring the societal barriers that prevented the global finance from spreading everywhere. The profound questioning of the structures has subsequently reached states and their social structures.
    The last similar period from the astrological point of view took place from 1762 to 1778, which is until the eve of the English, American and French revolutions. Before these revolutions, the old beams were destroyed little by little.
    We could regret these losses, but it does not make sense. What is important is to understand that the purification that is done throughout this period aims to get rid of old ways of doing, to give birth to the consciousness that the fundamental and elementary structure of human society is neither laws nor institutions, but humans who create them as far as they are useful. Although at this very moment, in the depths of this crisis, we see negligence, ineptitude and iniquity manifesting itself with uncovered faces, the worm was already in the fruit for a long time. We must accept this visible resurgence to understand that we are experiencing a period of purging of the old structures and accepting that the renewal will collectively make us lose the structures to which we were attached and which seemed to protect us. But in fact, these old structures that serve only softened forms of our state of inhumanity and consented semi-slavery.
    It is not in the nature of the human being to work like a beast to survive. The human being is made to evolve by exploring his creativity and his consciousness. Only humans believe that you have to spend most of your energy working to live with dignity. Animals live off the abundance of nature. We destroy it.
    Therefore, we live in a time when all the old structures, those that support predators and those that support prey, collapse. What we have to build is totally new.
    It is not a question of returning to the old order in a fight of the good against evil even if it will be necessary to regulate the behaviors of predation and to put them at a distance. The old world is collapsing and this, since 2008 at accelerated speed. It is very deep; it is a very deep thought that we have to integrate. If I am long on this subject, it is because the « burn » of Notre Dame comes to tell us that. What matters most to us? Crying on an old building that burns or refounding our human society.
    So much for the general context that has been supported by an astral configuration since 2008.
  2. In the present period, this journey of questioning old structures and the rebirth of a human-based world is greatly accentuated by the dynamics of our collective way of life. Our collective way of life accentuates our fear of letting go of the old structures and the more we resist, the more they crack. This is also the fire of Notre Dame. It is a symbol of an old world that has the appearance of magnificence and beauty. I am talking about the old world, not about Notre-Dame that has just burned, whose beauty is not to question.
    It is the symbol that burned. We can be sad because we are attached to the building and its beauty. What must be understood is that the fire of Notre Dame is a powerful symbol that is linked to the fact that we are trying, in France particularly, to maintain old structures in place, to resist instead of completely reshaping our society.
    In the current period, we are afraid of the wave of renewal that comes through human manifestations that recreates the link outside of all structures. We do not want to let go and trust the human to rebuild a more humane society. The repression of the movement of yellow vests represents this dynamic of resistance to change. The reaction is violent and hard, and we use authoritative reflexes to control this flow. It is tension that reinforces the resistance and the pressure. It becomes a real time bomb.
  3. Now, if we come to the energies around this Full Moon, we see that they bring an explosive element that unfolds for a few more days. Our flow of vital energy that goes through a need to assert itself approaches and merges with an explosive form of consciousness that frees us from the gangue of matter.
    There is an influx of energy that is pushing to blow up the traffic jams. In this state of overpressure that we have described above, in which we are at this moment, this energy has acted explosively, like the dome of a volcano that blows up, to let go of the overpressure in which we were. The path of life continues through this explosive tension that blows up the roof of Notre Dame. It is a form of volcanic cultural explosion that must be understood in the fire of the roof of Notre Dame. There was too much pressure in the heart of Paris, the country of human rights. It burned.

France plays an important role in the evolution of the global collective consciousness. Probably the event we are going through must have made an impression on the international scene, because this path of collective evolution is not only French, but global. But make no mistake, Notre Dame was a monument abandoned in the nineteenth century and no longer interested in an atmosphere where classical architecture had revived a passion for antiquity. It is the Romantic Movement and the novel of Victor Hugo, « Les Miserables » that gave it a rebirth. Today as in the nineteenth century, those who can revive the heart of Notre-Dame are Les Miserables. Notre-Dame would not exist without Les Miserables. The powers of money can only build illusory settings. Let us not deceive ourselves, « we only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. »

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon in Taurus.












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