The Full Moon in Scorpio May 18, 2019

The Full Moon of May 18, 2019 leads us into a rather sticky energy that softens the atmosphere a little. It is conducive to doing the concrete things we have to do, to take care of our materiality and to pause on impulses and debates. We rest our head while working the garden with the family.


  1. Let’s start from a basic observation on the balance of the elements, to study the Full Moon of May 18, 2019 in Scorpio. It is an observation rich in lessons to understand the atmosphere in which we bathe at this moment. We find a balance close to that of early September 2018 with a stimulation that focuses on concretely realized energies (Earth element) to which associated energies to be affected by (element Water). It is a mixture of Earth and Water that gives a global atmosphere quite pasty, quite sticky.
    This sticky side comes from the fact that terrestrial energies are twice as strong as water energies. If you make a dough with a lot of matter and little water, it sticks a lot. More than if we put a lot of water and little matter, which would make the mixture more fluid. So we can feel in this atmosphere of the moment an aspect very clumsy, dull, with certain difficulties to put us in motion, to operate things.
    In environments like this, we can feel quite heavy, have little enthusiasm to embark on new initiatives, and little stimulation to reflect and exchange. Time is not on plans or impulses. These are forms of energies not stimulated at this moment.

    At this moment the dominant is that of Yin energies or feminine (I’m not talking about gender here) which are more static and more internalized.
    We are very sensitive to our peers, we can be caught in energies that do not belong to us, in emotions that come from elsewhere and that stick to our skin, or simply feel a bit heavy. There is a little sticky side of things which it is not easy to get rid of.
    Maybe this little pasty atmosphere will make this next Saturday, a fairly quiet day, because it is an atmosphere not conducive to violence. We will see.

  2. Another singularity of this Full Moon of May 18, 2019 in Scorpio is that there is no stimulation of intellectual energy. Energies that stimulate concepts, ideas, intellectual exchanges or language, are completely absent from this Full Moon and this period. You may have also noticed lately that we are not very stimulated in communication. There are small delays in responding to SMS and other e-mails. I notice it around me. Personally writing today has been a pretty important effort. I did not really want to go there. We had an astrology workshop and in the same way, I would say that I did not have great intellectual stimulation. Things are more in the feeling and in a methodical approach.
    In a few days, we will begin to find a lighter energy more elevated and joyful with the arrival of the Sun in Gemini. It should stimulate our curiosity and our joie de vivre again.
  3. The overall mood for this Full Moon is rather collaborative. There are not many aspects of tension, but mostly harmonic relations between different energies. This creates atmospheres with little tension overall, which does not prevent having emotions sometimes heavy to wear.
  4. At this time the desire can be focused on the will to create protection links with family characteristics. It is a recent change in the energy of desire that has entered this part of the zodiac where we create relationships, where we foster protective bonds that resemble social relationships that we know in a family.
    This is good news as part of our journey of collective evolution, because this energy will stimulate and maintain the desire to reach or conquer new relational territories, based on trust and human character. This will offset some of the tension on worm-eaten structures and the fear of losing the control we’ve had for months.
    With this energy very « Yellow Vests » (in France), we can imagine that the month of June and the month of July will see the expansion of the movement on the original base of friendliness and the need to feel like family. This can already be seen with artist statements and other collective statements. This trend should take place for a few months.
    In our intimate and personal life, if we look at where Cancer is in our birth chart, we can see where our experience of cocooning and protection is manifested. For me, it is about the XII house, and I confess that at this moment, I dream to spend a week under the quilt.
  5. It is possible that we were struck recently in our sensibility to the point that our tranquility was a jostled time. It is related to the fact that at this moment, the energy of sensuality which is in an environment of peaceful and greedy enjoyment of life, meets an explosive and upsetting energy. This can give something like a sudden experience that disturbs our tranquility and our peaceful enjoyment of the moment in a way that we did not imagine. This may be related to a male (non-paternal) figure, with whom we have a protective bond. It will not last but can create small emotional shocks. In the window of this Full Moon, this can happen.

After months and months of violence and excitement that we have known, the period of this Full Moon is a window that allows us to return to the concrete things to achieve. If we have a very excitable or voluntary temperament, this is a time that can do us good by cooling our machine a bit. For others like me who have a more earthly temperament with a disposition to get related, it feels like your feet weight very heavy. We can wrap our head around it or say that we are going through our mud bath, a good time to take care of ourselves and relax a little like a baby elephant in a pond.

The wheel turns and there is for everyone. We are at every moment of existence stimulated in a different way. Nothing is permanent except change (I do not know who said that, it seems to me that it is a quote). So let’s take advantage of this cooling or wait until it warms up according to who we are. Long live diversity and mud baths!

Very nice fortnight to all and see you soon for the New Moon in Gemini in 2019!

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