The Full Moon and the Equinox of March 21, 2019

It’s the Full Moon this March 21, 2019. We could admire it round last night in the sky and still today. It is amazing this Full Moon that arrives right in the celebration of the spring equinox. And what if this Full Moon would tell us about the energy of the coming year?


  1. The Full Moon of March 21, 2019 starts with the spring. Spring is the beginning of the zodiacal year. The annual cycle is marked by this period when energy gushes out, where the impulse to exist emerges from the waves where it has incubated. It is a beginning, a birth, a new cycle. The energy that is printed there is perhaps good for the whole life of this cycle. It marks a departure into a new form of being that will be imprinted with this energy until the end of this cycle. So we can extrapolate that this Full Moon is a little sample of the atmosphere of the 365 days to come.
    Astrology has taught me to follow the cycles of nature and to see in the sequence of seasons a cyclical form that begins in the spring and ends in winter. It is very rewarding to see life under this angle. This makes us leave a calendar reading that has its own energy, but is a little too rigged on artificial rhythms. We will try, once is not customary, to see this lunation from this angle to draw something new, perhaps a teaching for the energy that arises in this earthly year.
    This exercise is a new experience for me and I invite you to discern what will be proposed in this text, and especially, I will meet you at the 2020 vernal equinox so that we share a critical look together on this experience.
    So we will together study the solar revolution of humanity for the coming year! Exciting no?
  2. The consciousness that dominates this year is that of justice, legality, the framework. It is in a dominant position and is going through a process that reinforces her determination and ability to follow an axis, a strong direction. This awareness of justice is in tension with major factors. It is in conflict with the energy of life of this year, the energy that receives the impulse of life and being in the world. It is as if this energy of justice struggled against very strong life instincts.
    This awareness of the legitimate framework is also, for this year, in conflict with our emotional world. Our emotions may also take a step towards a form of harmonization and conciliation. What moves us inside may be more attentive to the other, more stimulated by the search for a harmonious living environment, balanced rules of life that distance the violent conflicts provoked by the life instincts.
    The consciousness of justice is in tension between these two forms of being. I will try to illustrate this idea with forms of collective life. One could imagine a conflict with the forms of expression of yellow vests that represent a strong life instinct, as well as with movements seeking a new harmonious living environment such as that of the Affair of the Century*.
    We are dealing with a Jupiterian energy, which is based on legality and not, in conflict with the instinctual forces of life and collective emotions that seek balance. This is the case today. This could also be the theme of our zodiac wheel ride over the next 365 days.
  3. The awareness of the legitimacy and the framework is also in conflict with our humanist and universal faith to which we are collectively identified for this coming year. Our collective identity is very much associated with faith, humanism and a form of spirituality. This is how we might think about this year. There is in this configuration the image of the development of a strong spiritual consciousness which will also be in conflict or tension with the legal framework and the legitimacy.
    In fact, this year we can expect a major crisis of legitimacy. The questioning of the legitimacy that often comes up at the moment, « It’s not because it’s legal that it’s legitimate » can be a consistent theme for the coming year.
  4. This form of universal humanistic faith to which we identify ourselves collectively is also an important point of this year that is connected to other energies. This newfound faith in a new form of humanity is connected to a desire to conquer new values and new resources.
    This humanist faith also nourishes an important transformation of collective structures and governance. There is a form of strong questioning of the consciousness of authority that is questioned about these fundamental structures.
    Perhaps we can also see here an energy that reminds us of the movement of yellow vests, which, finding their faith in their humanity, fuel the idea of conquering new resources to live while questioning authority and governance.
  5. This universal humanism can exert a form of fascination that will need to be expurgated, cleaned during the year. There is a hidden face and a form of veiled fascination behind this emergence of faith. It’s a bit as if, having not seen the resurgence of humanism for so long, we were fascinated by it like butterflies in front of a candle. It may be important to take a step back from the effect this awakening of collective consciousness can have, and to recover some of our individual consciousness to sort out the wheat and tares.
  6. The stability of our collective resources could be upset. One could think of a currency crisis or of our resources. Collectively, we could live a year of destabilization of our resources. There is something sudden and explosive in this energy. This could be accompanied by the desire to conquer collective values resulting from a transformation of our structures and our governance.
    I was listening this morning to an interview with Nicolas Hulot in which he insisted on the urgency and the need to take action now. It reminds me of that energy. More and more personalities are questioning governance and our structures and dare to say so in a desire to transform the management of our resources.
  7. Our collective sensitivity, which we will tend to appreciate naturally, will be very much oriented towards progressive and humanitarian forms of movement. It is possible that this will conflict in this year that starts with desires to conquer more material and more personal resources. A conflict between the conquest of resources for oneself and the sensitivity to collective progress could appear.
  8. The pirate : « Sabotage us. The result will be the same, and this will prevent us slaps… »
    Governance and authority are in a form of deep questioning that is associated with strong resistance to maintain structures in disarray. It is also, one might say, a governance that binds or associates itself with the destruction of structures, thus causing its own loss. This energy makes me think of that of the pirate in Asterix and Obelix stories who scuttles his own ship. Because in the background he is afraid of losing his boat with his treasure in the hold and taking onwater. At some point, the certainty that the boat will not hold can lead to self-sabotaging behavior. Why? Because even more than losing its structures, there is the fear of losing control. Self-sabotage is an ultimate way for the ego to stay in control.
    The fear to overcome in this period is that of having to (re) constitute our human family to save our home: the Earth. And this is perhaps the backbone of this cycle of four seasons that we start.

Here, as I said, this text is an experience around the Full Moon, to understand if an equinox theme can bring us a light on a zodiacal year. This is not the whole truth. I will observe this year’s progress to see if in fact it is happening in this energy and I invite you to observe, not to blissfully believe.

A very nice zodiacal year to all, and see you soon for the New Moon of April 2019!

Translator’s note : Young people in many countries including France are suing their government for their lack of action in regards to climate change.

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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