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Lunar knots are for me an essential part of reading a birth chart. They represent our choices of incarnation. The North Node represents the goal and the overcoming towards which our soul has chosen to go to experience joy, love … in this life. The South Node, for its part, represents our baggage brought back from the past which did not make us happy, but with which we had to compose to control our life, without being happy so far. Thisis our luggage, those thingsthat we have difficulty separating, that we believe essential and that in fact arealways too cumbersome and too heavy to wear when we decide to leave to have a good time.

Lunar nodes are the points that make it possible to understand the evolution of a life. The more I study them, the more I am struck with the delicacy and veracity of their message. Little by little, gradually through experiences, I discover the cyclic aspect of Lunar Nodes. Each cycle lasts approximately 18 ½ years.

A few years ago, I was wondering what could happen after the third cycle of the Lunar Nodes. I did understand the first cycle and the second cycle, but I had very few people of a sufficiently advanced age that would allow me to understand what the fourth cycle brings. These past few months have filled my gaps. I had several experiences that complete the picture with people starting their fourth cycle.

Seeing their state made me happy. I thought to myself, my God, that life is well done. When you follow your path of life, everything is done so that we are more and more fulfilled and happy. Let’s stop seeing the mature age as a difficulty or old age as a lapse. In terms of our evolution as a human being, being older means having many more tools in your pocket to be happy. To understand this path, I wanted to write these four stages of Lunar Nodes as I have observed and understood them. Here they are:

1st cycle: 0 to 18 years and a half.

In this phase of evolution, we do not act on one’s evolution. We receive what we have to receive to lay the foundations of our evolutionary springs. What we do about bullying, frustration, humiliation, violence, or too much stuffy love, too much sleep protection … creates unconscious springs in us. We suffer without much ability to take control of our own evolution. In this cycle, it is the setting up of our emotional state related to the South Node that is lived. During these first 18 years, we develop our defense and protection strategy by unconsciously adopting behaviors that save us momentarily and that we will learn to eliminate later. At the end of this cycle, we are introduced to responsible adult life, which means that we are recognized as having the ability to take charge of our evolution.

In France, we become adults, we are civilly responsible for our actions, even though our body has not yet finished its growth.

2nd cycle: 18 and a half to 37 years old.

In this phase of evolution, we begin our first stage of adult life. One takes control of one’s life with energy and,consciously this time,one uses the energy of South Node to try, through it, to control its existence. These are the years of assertiveness where, as a young adult, you learn to manipulate the tools of existence to guide your own boat where you want. One does not realize that one is fleeing by pulling the snake by the tail instead of controlling it by the head. So often, the snake turns around and bites us. One does not really reach serenity during one’s years there. We practice playing with what only works for a while to show us that our path is elsewhere. Towards the end of the cycle, our recipes start to work less well. Either we tire ourselves of our behavior, or our entourage no longer accepts them, both at the same time. We see the idea of ​​a change that we intuit in our 37 years.

3rd cycle: 37 years to 55 and a half years.

This third cycle makes us go through a considerable number of transformations with or without crisis. We are experiencing this time engaging in our work of personal evolution. The failure of the second cycle and the intuition that we can be much happier in developing other tools, commits us to change lives in depth. The quarantine can bring radical changes, but it is also at the approach of the maturity of the 50 years that one consolidates its commitments by assuming to become what one wants to be without worrying about who was waiting for us. In this third we enter into the experimentation of change, in the conscious commitment to abandon our inappropriate South Node behaviors and in the conscious search for the experience of our true energy or state of being, fulfilling whatthe North Node proposes. At the age of 55, we have all the tools in our pocket. Everything is laid out. Life has put us in the conditions to start a new experience. The balls and chains on our feet were left behind during these long years of operational questions.

4th cycle: 55 to 74 years

At the beginning of this fourth cycle, everything is settled. This is the immense joy I recently received with people entering this fourth cycle. Life has meant that a true space of freedom is open so that around the age of 55, the great obstacles of life have disappeared. We find ourselves alone to finally live this experience with ourselves, or on the contrary, we finally have this partner so perfectly adjusted to our existence. When we look at the situation, everything is there. It is not easy to realize that everything that is set up is perfect, but it is the situation that I noticed: everything is there so that we can do the experiment thoroughly of the North Node. As the North Node is for us all an unknown that can be scary, it does not say that everyone feels 100% comfortable with this situation. But with hindsight, we see that this situation, andif we commit ourselves to it, itcan only be the best possible situation. Before, in the third cycle, we sought the way. We lived with beliefs that « it would be good, but it is not possible ». The fourth cycle is the one that begins at the crossroads of « It’s possible! The way is open, the path is drawn. No need for a chainsawto experience a living space that suits us and where we would feel good, this space is there. The only unknown is, do we really want this space? We understand that the important is not simply the goal but also the path.

The path of our life, our whole life, is constantly chosen.


Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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