Astrology and free will

Stars and conditioning

Is the astral theme an undeniable conditioning?I had this discussion with a friend who was seriously asking the question by wondering if a work on oneself, a development of consciousness, could allow an individual to absolve himself from his astral conditioning.

This is an important and delicate question that arises when we understand that life develops forms of conditioning, and that at the same time, the essence of being is not to remain conditioned.

For me, the astral theme is a mirror of being. It does not condition, it represents the identity of an individual in terms of its development and evolution, that is to say, its ability to attract or repel certain experiences. The birth chart is for me a sort of X-ray of the internal structure of an individual.

We operate unconsciously like giant and fairly complex magnets that develop a power of attraction and repulsion. This power attracts and represses life experiences that have a tendency to recurrence. We repeat them throughout our lives.

We end up with our parents, spouses, friends, colleagues, companions … in similar life situations, with different degrees of intensity. This repetition gradually helps us to become aware of our state of being and to realize that we generate similar situations through our negative feelings, beliefs, fears … It is all this structure of our being that we can discover in our theme of birth.

In each of these experiences, we learn about ourselves, about life, we evolve, until probably, free us from this constraint that we had at the beginning and that made us repeat the same mistakes and relive the same dramas. One deconstructs oneself of this great lesson of life and sublimates it by discovering all the constructive qualities of the experience lived, understood and assimilated.

Finally, what we are told by the theme of our birth is the life experience that we came to do when our fears, our conditionings are at the controls.

But it remains the big question. How to decondition completely and not just this recurring experience that has taken so much place in our lives? How to reach this state of consciousness perfectly free and serene on all levels of existence? Sometimes I am asked « what is my mission of life? With an unspoken implication that « … I realize it once and for all to have peace and finally be free! » « . It is rare that we sincerely ask this question with a Mother Teresa spirit ready to offer her existence for others.

I do not have an absolute answer to this question. I think we are all potentially able to experience a state of total deconditioning. We have probably all lived by the way. When we contemplate a wonderful sunset, when we act to save someone, when we create with all our being, when we consecrate ourselves by love to raise up others, when we raise ourselves by taking foolish risks and giving up what made us safe, when we reach out, when we give, when we simply love … Pure love is unconditional, without conditioning.

What we struggle to do is to be in this state consistently. And we are looking for a way to be there permanently. We seek to immobilize the state of pure love. But that does not work because one seeks to be in love trough tricks or techniques, without simply being in the state of love.

So we go back into our schemas and continue the lesson that slowly refines our mind and softens our heart, experiences after experiences, probably lives after lives.

It is not the birth theme that conditions us, but our lack of love. There is therefore no astral theme of being awake, being perfect, nor mission that will work every time. The theme shows us what we have decided to understand when we move away from our state of pure love, to better come back to it. When we live this state of pure love, the birth chart no longer makes sense. You imagine Jesus or Buddha needing to understand their astral theme…

If it were enough for a life on our Earth to realize pure love in a constant and permanent way, our hospices would be filled with saints radiating with love. It is important to admit that we live in this state only in small fragments, and that very few are those who live it in consciousness.

Our lives, these little lessons that we discover in the astral theme, if they do not lead us all to a state of Buddha, are nonetheless very honorable paths that gradually elevate us to a state of deeper consciousness. We can accept this without giving up living more and more, each day in the most intense love that can be achieved with our individual consciousness. Let us love ourselves first as we are. And who knows where that will take us…


Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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