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Month of Pisces in 2021

This is the month of the natives of the sign of Pisces! The energy of Pisces connects us to all, to the cosmos, to everything in existence, from the neighbor’s dog chip, to the galaxy billions of light years away. Sometimes this limitless connection is a little too intrusive. But most of the time, the energy of Pisces will make it easier to understand all that is, without moral or cultural limits.

In 2021, the energy of Pisces contains an important key to help us get through the times we are living, and to come out of the inner tension that we may be feeling on our collective life path. We may, on this collective journey of life, have the feeling that we should mobilize against a form of generalized recklessness that seems aberrant as the sound of boots ringing at our doors. This urge to take action to regain control of our lives encounters many pitfalls. And the more we fight, the less effective it is.

The efficiency is elsewhere, in the joy, in the lightness, in the multiplicity of small actions that seem without scope. But there you have it, to give credit to this path, as we hear the wind of tyranny blowing at our doors … it’s complicated isn’t it? It’s hard to believe. It sounds like a « love and peace » incantation in the middle of the Vietnam War. And yet, this recklessness remains the way.

And to activate it we have a key that is with our Pisces friends this year. It’s about Faith. When we relate to the divine, to the Faith, when we open our limitless hearts to divine energy and have Faith in the cosmos, then we can make a difference. We can turn drama into comedy, a bit like the hero of LIFE IS BEAUTIFULL by Roberto Begnini, this dad who does everything to preserve his child’s recklessness by making him believe that the concentration camp where they are locked up is a play area.

There is an element of illusion in this film, but in the end, that illusion becomes what saved the child and his father. Tyranny passes, although when it hits home we think it is forever. What makes it last more surely is to let ourselves be afraid, to enter the matrix of fear more than reason, and to get trapped in it. To see everything in black. The messages from the channeling people are invariably the same right now: relax, sing, dance, listen to music, don’t get caught up in the drama. Unplug the TV.

To do this by telling ourselves that we are not just inconsistent and stupid, completely light in the midst of a drama, we need a fair amount of Faith, right? This Faith is very strong and very connected to the cosmos right now. We have access to a lot of information in the channels of the universe through Faith. The key is there. In the sign of Pisces. Then we can turn our gaze to our Pisces friends and tune into the vibration of their hearts right now. It will guide us towards the Faith, or reassure us to feel in them a strange tranquility.

Thank you to all Pisces for embodying this beautiful energy that uplifts our hearts to divine consciousness.

Happy Pisces month to all! See you soon for more articles!

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