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« Can we see in the birth chart past lives »? This question that I was asked raises several. Do previous lives exist? Does the birth chart contain information about past lives? Can this information tell these lives?

I do not speak much about astrology from the angle of previous lives or karma because I am careful not to direct work on oneself from the angle of the past. I prefer to focus work on the present. We already have a tendency to flee the present, evoking past lives is often the opportunity to flee to the full in the past to avoid meeting its present. Information about past lives seems interesting to me only when it comes to shed light on a present situation.

Will we find in the theme information about our past lives? Is the theme like a big book that tells everything about us and our existence since the beginning of time? I do not believe that. The birth chart does not contain the catalog of all our past lives.

It expresses the form of life that a soul chooses in his present life. It testifies through the trials we choose to live in the present life, tensions and unresolved difficulties until now, excesses crossed, achievements … Astrology in this sense is deeply karmic.

Life itself is deeply karmic. We choose to get incarnated to live experimentrelated to what we have already experienced or not experienced otherwise, just as much. So yes, the theme carries information that connects us to karma and therefore our past lives because the theme evokes our present life which is a link in the chain of our lives. It concerns our present life, above all, in the choices we have made.

Can one with a study of astrological theme reveal the content of past lives? I would say yes and no. Or rather no and yes. Pure astrological information does not have the precision required to express the story of an earlier life. It will give us information on a present energy structure with antecedents that would come from the past and potentials to develop in the present. This information does not have the accuracy of life stories because astrology deals with a structure of energy and not specific life forms.

Sometimes, the theme analysis associated with an intuitive state opens doors to the perception of past scenes of life. The theme can then become a support for a work of mediumship. But there is no previous life story in a birth chart. This kind of information comes from mediumistic sources or fertile imaginaries. It’s up to everyone to make a difference with their intuition and listen attentively to the echo of what they are told.

Working on the past is a work that only makes sense if you integrate it into the present. If you want information about your past out of curiosity, you risk going into garbage cans just for fun. We rarely end up, grown from the experience

Ask yourself what difficulty of the present you wish to enlighten, but do not let yourself be carried away by curiosity or fascination, it could divert your attention from the present and cause you more harm than good.

Here’s an example that illustrates what I mean. Imagine the dramatic situation: you are in the middle of the road and a truck is coming towards you. It’s the difficulty of the present. You have a few seconds to discard before impact. The situation requires all your attention in the present to get you out of it. What are you going to do?

If you are caught up in the emotion of the past and remember why you put yourself in such a dangerous situation, for example running behind a ball without paying attention to the road, you are going to blame yourself for being there, not to have been more careful … All these emotions of reproach against yourself or regret are useless and risk to immobilize yourself, to disconnect you from the present danger. The truck has no emotion, it rushes on you. It is better to act in the present and to save oneself right away without adding an unnecessary emotional layer.

Information about the past, as fascinating as it can be, has little value in solving the problems of the present. It can help to understand the story, serve as a lesson and probably help to avoid mistakes. The information of the past has an educational value of example. It is to be considered as we study history at school. But if you live a personal crisis, it will be of a very small help. It is better to focus your attention on the truck and move away from it as quickly as possible.


Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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