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Forecasts and Astrology

I refuse to make long-term forecasts in astrology. I study solar revolutions, I study the impact of the energies of the moment on a person, but I do not make long forecast studies on the future.

Recently, someone asked me for a consultation saying that she wanted to study her future. I explained my point of view; she made the decision to cancel her request and go elsewhere to get what she wanted.

I will explain here the reasons why I do not make long-term forecasts and what I think of these techniques.

Everyone has their own approach to astrology. Mine is centered on the understanding of the birth chart and the trace it leaves in the individual. It is for me an important key to know to study one’s blockages,one’s way of life and to go towards a greater grip of one’s life, a greater freedom, a greater knowledge and understanding of oneself, of one’s life and greater autonomy too.

The study of the future is interesting but dangerous if one isn’t armed with great wisdom and deep self-knowledge. It can be a source of anxiety that often leads to fear or the expectation of what will happen. In both cases, fear and expectation, we end up falling into inaction, fatalism and dependence on « those who know how to read the future ».

Wise people can anticipate with intelligence. Wise astrologers can explain the future with delicacy and kindness. But these are exceptional cases. For most of us, ifit ispredicted that in ten years we are going to live a catastrophe or something awesome with strength and assurance, we project fear or expectation on the futureand we miss out on the present.

But only the present is real. The rest is only potential that can be experienced in a thousand different ways.

I would like to illustrate my point with an example.

It was easy to predict that the natives of the beginning of Aries (late March) and the beginning of Capricorn (late December) would live in our current years a difficult period of their lives. In Aries this manifests itself in a need to emancipate oneself brutally, a state of inner revolt with a need to emancipate oneself very strongly. In Capricorn’s, this is manifested by very deep questions that can be accompanied by loss, destruction…

Why was this predictable? Because slow planets (Uranus for Aries and Pluto for Capricorns) are flying in the sky right now near their Sun of birth. And as they are slow planets, they come for a long time to affect their energy, their vitality, the use of their energy. This influence manifests itself rather violently because these two stars are themselves in crisis in the present period.
The energy of the Aries is strongly affected by the need to emancipate him/herself, but in a violent way that drives the revolt.The energy of Capricorn is strongly affected by questioning that goes through often upsetting events.

Imagine that I announced to an Aries 10 or 15 years ago. « Madam, sir: you will experience such a need to emancipate yourself in the years 2010 to 2014 that you will be able to leave everything behind,your work,and your spouse, to revolt against your parents or your boss… « What’s the interest? The person at this moment maybe living a fulfilling state in a couple, family, at work. Information like this can only feed their mind with fear, stimulate them to ask paranoid questions about what is wrong with their life today so that such an explosion hangs in their face, while, most likely theyare not yet ready to see it, live it, or understand it. Such information will generate fear, « if I leave my work, what am I going to live on? If I leave my spouse, will I remain alone? These are just anxious projections about the future. It’s no use. As long as we are not stuck with a situation, we do not work on it effectively. It is already difficult to manage the homework for the next day, the tax return, Doctor’s appointments … then « my emancipation in 10 years », it’s a good joke, who will be smart enough, and wise enough to manage such information without making knots in the brain? In addition, the more we announce something in advance, the less the person has experience to really understand what it will be about. At 30 I did not have the ability to understand my life that I have at 46. It’s another ball game.

I think these studies do not help personal development. They are, from the point of view of the study of astrology, very interesting to validate theses and hypotheses. These are studies that have value as part of the teaching and overall study of astrology. But it is of little value as part of a personal accompaniment to help an individual emancipate himself from his condition.

On the other hand, the understanding of the present, the ability to put words on what one lives, by explaining how our energy is transformed or affected, to understand the lesson without suffering it, is of great value in the individual accompaniment.

When faced with a situation, understanding it becomes rewarding. Today to explain to Aries or Capricorn that the revolt and the upheavals they are experiencing are a normal part of their lives, that they can choose to undergo it or open their eyes to understand how to live this experience, retrieving the best for themselves, is interesting. The Aries emancipate themselves and the Capricorns are transformed. The tensions that move from emancipation to revolt or from transformation to upheaval can be studied on the theme of birth to understand which areas of life they affect, what are the questions to ask, what to be vigilant to. There is a lot of work to do and the profound nature of this work is to understand what this tension is asking us to build, how we can put a consciousness on what we live to not stay locked in a reactive mode. There, it becomes interesting, liberating. We are no longer in the projection, we are in the present and we work on ourselves with awareness.

Astrology can predict, with more or less precision. But what’s the use of knowing 10 years in advance that a flower pot may fall on our heads. In wanting to avoid it at all costs we start to walk while looking in the air, and we take a lamppost on the nose! Nothing has changed in the background to experience.

Where one can change the experience is when one approaches the experience, feels intuitively a danger and decides to put his consciousness on it. A glance at the theme, the energy of the stars then becomes an indicator of the danger that comes and we can question, anticipate, calm down, understand what happens, relax and receive the experience. See the change.

The meaning of life is to live experiences. To seek to avoid them at all costs without understanding why they present themselves to us, is it not to refuse to live?

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)


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