Follow your Light in 2020

Happy new year to everyone ! I wish you the best for this year 2020! Very sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. May joy and love nourish you for the next 12 months! And by the way, I send you my deepest gratitude for your presence here. Thank you for being here!

The transition from one year to the next is a period of balance and hope. This time we are going through more than a year, a decade. The passage of this decade gives me the feeling that we have just crossed an important bridge. For this beginning of the year, I wanted to share with you what I feel about crossing this bridge.

The decade that we have just gone through has been one of destructuring, even of slow destruction and questioning of all kinds. We have faced the gradual and steady degradation of our old world. Perhaps that questioned us on the way to continue in the great adventure of life: to patch up the old boat, or to undertake a major change of life. The hardness of this past year has worn down our resistance; there has been a marked acceleration in the collapse as if to show us where there is not much to hope.

It is hardly possible today to imagine a world where we would go back. We have to mourn a past world. Biodiversity, social structure, global balance; the world is in turmoil and the cards are being shuffled. But they are not redistributed. The world of tomorrow is to be invented.

We have had opportunities to mourn the old world by going through the troubling events of recent years. Awareness of the degradation of ecosystems and social foundations is made. No one disputes it. Now we take our place. We crossed dark corridors and fields of brambles without really knowing where we were going to enlighten us collectively. Some project the exit into a global and catastrophic collapse; others ignore what has to follow. It took courage to stay the course and steer towards the hope of reaching enchanting meadows of joy, humanity and creativity. Those who hold this course approach this new world.

I feel this energy as you can feel the energy of spring making the buds explode. We too can pop our inner buds and make our being bloom in a strange world that looks like a pile of manure. I believe we only have to make a radical decision.

Nothing matters more now than to go fully to the Light, which means, for us, to no longer harbor conflict, anger, resentment or sadness. For the first time in my life, it seems almost easy to switch to this space of Light; so much the structure of the old world is worm-eaten.

This year and the coming decade resonate as setting in motion towards this new world. We have been preparing for years, working in an old moribund system. Now doors are opening and accelerators of change are setting in motion for the energies of creating a new world. This is how I feel it. It pushes behind. I’m not doing astrology here. I’m sharing with you a personal feeling to take with your personal common sense tweezers. The astral energy in which we are at this moment accelerates the collapse, which accelerates a very powerful renewal. This is the opportunity.

The energy right now is radical. Either we sink radically with it, or we awaken just as radically. There is only fear or love of life that can move us to one side or the other of this scale.

Take strikes, for example. Either the nostalgia for the old world makes us say: « I’m fed up », « Nothing works in this country », « The French are grumpy », « They take us hostage » … Or the observation of opportunities brings something else to life: « It’s amazing, we are talking again in transport », « Walking is good in the end », « It’s weird but I end up getting there anyway … » When I write that down, the next door neighbors laugh together about their wanderings. They don’t moan. In short, right now, in our chaotic world, we have the CHOICE to love life or to hate it.

We hate it when we stigmatize the bad, the ugly. When we put it in a box and our speech only has one thing: to make it disappear, to erase it, to eradicate it. This is the shadow. Even with the best of intentions, it is shady fear that paves the way to our hell.

The other choice, that of love, begins by accepting our world as it is. First gesture of consciousness that heals. And for the rest, I give the floor to Barbara Marciniak’s transcriptions of the teachings of the Pleiadians. I love her books. Their energy, like that of Kryeon, Neale Donald Walsh or Eckart Tolle, is a soul balm that uplifts the soul.

The builders of the Bridge of Light have a lot to accomplish despite the many challenges that await them in the future. Remember! it never pays to attack, condemn or destroy others. As members of the Family of Light, you have to take on this amazing task: to be kind and seek solutions. It is truly in your interest. You must not ignore challenges or difficulties, and in seeking the goal of darkness, you will discover a need to be healed. There will come a time when you will be asked to be great visionaries, to plan for an outcome that may seem impossible, and to trust yourself with a faith that will seem infinitely greater than you could imagine. Chaos will reign on each continent of the globe. Chaos breeds fear. However, it is a personal choice. In ancient times, in times existing simultaneously and even in the future, there are always people who choose fear, even if it was not the case for all your ancestors. The victors write the books on fear to which the victims are subjected, although in order to be conquered you must first agree to be victims. Here is the choice you too will have: be victims or creators. Remember! victims choose fear; they are paralyzed, and the vibrations emitted are then jerky and discordant. Barbara Marciniak - Family of Light - 1999

Very happy new year 2020!

Very beautiful decade!


Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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