Focus on the Light in 2020

This is my second editorial of the year. Not very verbose the boy 🙂 Yes and no, in fact, I found it important to leave the content of the text of Following his Light in 2020 until then. What is written there remains relevant, but we are now reaching a phase of the year in which, after understanding and compassion, it becomes important to shift to a confident form of action to get through this very special year.

Why? Because the more the lies are brought to light, the more the instrument of fear is used to extinguish the consciousnesses that are awakening on all sides. Would you have imagined a year ago that great professors of medicine would have dared to criticize the health management of the State? This good old dogma of medicine with its order ready to pillory the alternatives approach exerted such pressure that medicine was generally muzzled. It is a powerful institution, medicine, like national education, the army, the police, politics … Well the unexpected happens anyway. Light is shed on events. The other institutions will no doubt follow suit. So manipulation by lies and reasoning no longer works well enough to contain the Light. For example, to the surprise of a whistleblower, the vast majority of French people do not understand and do not want 5G, even hyper-connected young people.

There is only fear left to contain the Light. This is where we need to focus on moving past 2020. Here is a short excerpt from a Kryon channeling by Lee Caroll in 2015, reproduced in “The New Human”.

“I am going to repeat here something already said that you have to hear over and over again to fully assimilate what you will have in front of you. Now that the light is flooding them, the forces of darkness will do everything to achieve victory. They have a powerful weapon, extremely powerful, a weapon that can destroy the greatest, the lightworkers, the healers and those who serve as my channel to nothing. This weapon is fear. If you succumb to fear, they will be victorious. Think about it. They know that. May your light wash away the horror of this fear. But know that there is no such thing as fear. Go ahead in these difficult times and remember them, for you knew they would come and you went to meet them. And now go find love. Stay here for a few minutes to pay tribute to each of you. And so it is”. KryonKryon

If we stay in our old patterns, that we seek to pursue goals that belong to the old world, to continue our social rise at work, to ensure our children a good academic progress … our life will become more and more anxiety-provoking because the current climate no longer allows this. The institutions no longer support this. If we fear for the schooling of our children this year and we continue to push them to succeed, they will go very badly and we with it, because the system has stalled from this goal (for a long time), it pursues another one, the fear, anxiety, anguish, obedience. Today it shows like the nose in the middle of the face.

So what to do? Is it hopeless? Not necessarily. Let’s take a year off. Let’s let go of our goals. Completely. Let us stop putting, and putting ourselves, pressure on unattainable goals. This is the meaning of the evolution of the collective life path that I speak about regularly. It is important for our mental and physical health that we integrate it now. Let’s find joy, carefree, step back, have fun, refocus on the bonds of love, support our children instead of pushing them to the impossible. It’s a year of hiatus where the only direction one can go is system collapse.

Containment was a preparation to be applied now. If what we are asked to do is not bearable, let’s not support it. What is happening in the world at the moment does not allow the old programs to be followed. The disturbances are far too intense. It’s like asking our children to quietly do their homework while a backhoe loader knocked down the roof and walls of the house to prepare for reconstruction. The walls are falling. It makes noise, dust, it’s scary. Nothing makes sense in this house under construction. We live in the rubble. Those who persist in following the old programs in this environment are at risk of suffering, depression and sickness. Better to think that we will resume our duties once this old house has fallen.

I’ve been saying it over and over for a few weeks now when people come to see me stressed. It’s a year of hiatus from our projections. Let’s work day by day. I came across this video yesterday which speaks very well about it. This is a communication from a female medium who channels information on the Stéphanie Fabijenna Esprit Plénitude channel. For those interested, here it is (in French, sorry).

Staying the course: Light, joy, good humor, Love, perspective on events, media distancing with a distance of 20 km from the TV set, to stay in good mental and physical health.

See you soon for the rest of the adventures of 2020! (or 2021 at the rate I’m writing :-))

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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