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Born in 1945, 1963, 1982 …

For the last few months, I have been consulting more frequently with people born around 1945, 1963 or 1982. The reason is that these people are finishing up or starting a cycle of their life cycle again. Here is an article to help understand this delicate passage.

This period, which comes back every 18.5 years or so, is an intense period, which raises questions and puts us in front of important life changes that are scary. There is a form of pressure that increases as long as we do not let go on our old stuff, we can live these periods under tension and under pressure. In general, the pressure and the intensity are progressively increased in the 2 or 3 years that preceded this changeover. The understanding of the path of life is an important key to regain serenity and accept the evolutionary leap to be made in those moments.

People born in 1963 and 1982 have a life path from Capricorn to Cancer (NB: Actually, the life cycle period is more than a year, and it covers a little over 18 months. which means that persons born at the end of 1944, the very end of 1962, the beginning of 1964 or the end of 1981 and the beginning of 1983 may also be concerned). If you want to know about this path of life, you can read the text of the South Node in Capricorn, the North Node in Cancer on my site. This will give you an overall view of this course.

What is special at this moment for people who have this path of life is that they end a cycle to start a new one. There is in this phase of realignment with the path of life, a particular intensity which requires to make an important evolutionary leap. We must jump into the void, do something that is not spontaneous and pass through our fears. Life stimulates us in this way by making it more and more difficult for us to remain anchored in the energy of the Southern Node, here the energy of Capricorn. For people in this age range, this is manifested by the fact that efforts to maintain a form of material structure will no longer pay. The period they go through tends to break down the structures on which they were based. There was too much pressure and not enough flexibility in their attitude. If they continue to tense over what reassures them, morally, financially, emotionally, or anything like that, it will cause the breakage of the supporting structure, so that they are obliged to let go and to turn to the great unknown who consists, for them, to trust.

It is important for these people to trust, to relax in relation to what makes them tense, and for years they have stiffened on principles by producing significant effort, taking loads too much raised on their shoulders. They are in a situation that they can no longer control because by relying on solid structures, they ended up breaking them under pressure. And it’s finally a good thing, even if for them it’s total panic.

The people who have this evolution from Capricorn to Cancer, have this jump to make, in a context where the energy of Capricorn is already turned upside down on all sides. This is what makes their course quite difficult at the moment and at the same time can help them make an extraordinary leap. The energies present in Capricorn lead to the questioning, to the destruction of the bases, generate blockages, ask to be responsible for oneself or make live on the contrary the feeling that outside authorities harden against us. There are so many structural difficulties that affect them that they cannot rebuild. We must let go of this idea and trust. And the miracle is accomplished.

Here is a story of this nature. It is about a woman who held a trade of services to the individuals and companies at arm’s length and with the force of the wrist, alone. In the year preceding the realignment of these Lunar Nodes, she began to see her clientele evaporate without any objective reason for it. She held out trying to maintain her business by restructuring it at first, which is the natural reflex of a Southern Node in Capricorn. But nothing made it, the activity went ragged and her business also. She was in a very difficult situation when friends suggested she take a vacation in a place they owned. When we spoke on the subject, she was hesitant and did not think it reasonable to go and relax in a state of collapse. I advised her to accept the proposal, as the evolution towards Cancer is a path to trust, acceptance of help, connection, human protection versus personal structure and effort. She accepted and had a great time, and then returned to accept the idea of ​​filing for bankruptcy so she would not have to carry that burden.

One day a woman entered her shop and asked her how she was doing. She told her intention. And the woman replied: « Madam, you would not go bankrupt, I am a judge at the Commercial Court, come see me Monday morning in court. She did so and was then accompanied by the benevolence of this woman and the institution.

The idea for these people is to find a part of their child’s soul that wasn’t worried about life and felt protected. Or, if they have never had this feeling, to finally discover it. They sometimes have in common a face that can light up in an instant of childish innocence, and that life had ended up hiding behind deep features of concern and loneliness. But this jovial and laughing face comes back very quickly as soon as they regain their confidence.

These people have, at this moment, this quantum leap to make to pass an important stage of their existence. They have to completely forget the beliefs they have created about what their adult life should have been if they had succeeded, which means for them, having built an indestructible trick, be it a business, a family, a work. They have to forget that in order to find or invent their childhood dreams. They have to stop protecting themselves and learn to trust, to enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment, and to know themselves surrounded and protected.

Very nice journey on your path to you.

Exercez votre discernement. Ne prenez pas ce qui est écrit comme parole d'évangile. Interrogez votre ressenti à propos de ce que vous lisez.

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