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Autonomy or autarky: the house II in astrology

Venus wrote to me! Well, not the real goddess of love, but a person who was wearing this pseudonym. Although… who knows 🙂

The question she asked me is interesting and deserves to be developed. It is very detailed in the study of an astrological house, house II, but it evokes a universal theme that interests everyone; that of autonomy. The totality of astrology, without our being really aware of it, allows us to understand our existence as a whole, with our everyday concerns. It is often confined to a disembodied esoteric approach as it speaks of our daily lives. Here is the development of a trivial and concrete theme of Autonomy. To explore it, let’s start from the very relevant commentary of « Venus » on the page of House II.

Hi Tristan,

How can one become financially independent without the help of others? What does it really mean? We are always helped by others, if tomorrow I take a job I will be paid but it will be with the help of the boss who created his company and customers who come to buy the products. And if I have anentrepreneurshipproject, I’m going to have to make a living by doing a job during the time to start my own business so I do not understand what you mean by becoming financially self-sufficient here? Can you be more specific? I have Taurus in house 2 and yes even if I am offered help I always try to get out of it myself even if sometimes I have no choice but to accept a help ‘offer.

Thank you « Venus » for this questioning. In the page on house II, I evoked the story of the very small child who appropriates his first objects. We can go further by considering this house as the experience of sustenance. We can associate it with the first act of sustenance that is feeding. The first act of life that is connected with the experience of House II is taking a breast and feeding after birth.

You are right to point out that autonomy does not mean self-sufficiency or autarky. A baby is not self-sufficient andis unable to live alone. It depends a lot on these parents. However, we can observe that from an early age, some children will know how to appropriate resources to live while others will suck more shyly. We are not worried about the first ones, but much more about the second ones who demand a lot more care. Breastfeeding is a first act of empowerment. And a well-armed baby in this area will be able to call for food to grow, while a less empowered child will claim less strength, lack strength to breastfeed or get tired faster on it. A more independent child will scream so loudly that the whole house will wake up to feed him. A less autonomous child will cry more timidly … An autonomous child has no doubt about the question of the food he claims. It will come to him. He deserves it and he takes his share until satiety. A more dependent child will deprive himself, will doubt that it should come to him… he will hesitate more.

What we live as adult with the energy of money is of the same order. Do we think we have to make long and hard efforts to earn our money? Do we think this will come on its own and without effort? Do we think that this should happen if we know how to maintain good harmony with others, or on the contrary do we think we have to fight alone to obtain it? If you know a little about astrology, you may have recognized Capricorn, Cancer, Balance and Aries energies here. We can go around the Zodiac with this question.

Autonomy is not autarky but the energy that marks the way in which we live the experience of sustenance, of feeling supported in existence and how. Of course, working to earn money puts us in permanent interdependence with the rest of the world, customers, bosses, etc. But it is not the existence of this interdependence that makes the difference between autonomy and dependence. Dependence comes from the belief that we do not have enough sustenance power to sustain ourselves. And autonomy comes from the inner conviction that our existence is supported by sufficient material forces without us having to betray our inner truth to obtain it.

Well, it was a way to answer a little more widely on this point. I hope that has been clear. The subject pleases me and I would like to develop it in a small conference debate. Maybe this summer in Paris. Tell me if you are interested and I will propose it quickly.

Very nice day to all.

Exercez votre discernement. Ne prenez pas ce qui est écrit comme parole d'évangile. Interrogez votre ressenti à propos de ce que vous lisez.

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