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Aries in 2021

This is the month of the natives of the sign of Aries! The energy of Aries drives the will to be. It is the energy that extracts us from non-being and makes us exist in the world. Existing is not always an obvious conscience and we may sometimes believe that we have to fight to be entitled to it. In fact, it is a given for each of us. This is what Aries people experience and show us.
In 2021, the energy of Aries receives energy from the passage between the material worlds and the spiritual worlds. It is a small free electron (Chiron) which crosses this sign and which will impulse in Aries, and in all of us where we have this sign, a movement of consciousness to help us realize that our need to exist in matter is incomplete.
Aries people are going to be quite affected by this, especially if they are in the first part of the sign. The work that is done by the passage of this small star awakens fears linked to our terrestrial consciousness. If we are too attached to our earthly, material, animal consciousness, embodied in a body of flesh with which we are totally identified, then we cannot access the consciousness of our spiritual or essential part and we remain limited in a consciousness of the existence that does not know how to rise beyond linear time. Our vision of the world is limited to a horizon where the consciousness of our life consists in taking control of material life as much as possible, for the time that we are there.
The movement of this little star, which passes through the sign of Aries this year, highlights our beliefs that to exist only passes through the fact of manifesting itself in matter.
This passage can make Aries live experiences where their material life is questioned.
Don’t ask me how, everyone will experience it in their own way. This is a very stimulated point of the Full Moon of tomorrow that I will cover in more detail with examples, personal and collective.
Thanks to all Aries for embodying this transition to our free awareness that we are making with you.

Exercez votre discernement. Ne prenez pas ce qui est écrit comme parole d'évangile. Interrogez votre ressenti à propos de ce que vous lisez.

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