Moon in Leo

Relationship to mother, childhood

The Moon in Leo evokes a relationship of pride between mother and child. In this configuration there is a form of admiration of the mother for the child who has the Moon in Leo, even an expectation that the child will shine for his mother. This singularity could have given the child the feeling of having been admired by his/her mother and placed at the center of his/her attention. This will give a certain instinctive strength as an adult as well as a natural confidence in his/her emotions and feelings.

Managing emotions

People who have the Moon in Leo quite naturally develop a certain pride linked to what they feel. They trust their emotions. When they are taken by their emotions, they can be very sure of what they are feeling. If they feel contradicted or not understood in what they feel, then they can easily get angry because they proudly defend their feeling that seems obvious to them.

They are very focused on how they feel. They can use this emotional confidence to focus on their creativity with particular focus and strength. It becomes a great strength for them. We do not make them doubt what they create because they have a very strong feeling.

On the other hand, it is difficult for them, when their guts speak, to see a different point of view than the one they feel. What can become a defect.

Relation to women and maternal figures.

Generally speaking, the female partner of these people will be a person with a strong radiance, a bright shine. People with the Moon in Leo will look for women, or maternal referents, bright and strong.

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