The Lunar Nodes, a gateway to human soul


I was studying the theme of a person who had an interpretation of his astral birth chart a few years ago. She did not recognize herself in the description that was made of her at the time, whereas she recognized herself more clearly in the elements that I transmitted to her. There are plenty of ways to read and interpret an astral theme. It’s complex. One of the main complexities of astrology is to link the clues that give meaning and coherence to a theme. One can easily be mistaken in taking a minor fact for a major fact. Each astrologer has his method and his way of identifying what seems to him important or not to the reading of a theme.

I think that what counts more is to remember that the astrology is an open door on the human soul, more than it would be a bunch of keys to tinkering with some aspects of the personality. We recognize each other when we are face to face, more than when we are delivered with a bunch of sparse keys. The Lunar Nodes give this high vision of the life of the people, in harmony with this approach.

The personal evolution of the person whose subject I studied had led him first to experience a life of solitary quest, starting from her beliefs about work inherited from her education, to experience all of her ideas and ultimately to find her own service-related values ​​in which she could flourish. These strong aspects of his life are linked to his evolution that we find in the position of his lunar nodes. The lunar nodes show us the evolution of our life, the path that we have chosen to make in a lifetime to develop our discernment, our understanding, our positioning, our power …. The lunar nodes give the frame of a life, they represent the door open to the human soul.

If we do not understand the plot of a life, the plan, it is very risky to take the theme of someone and to share other aspects. It is a source of error that amounts to doing archaeological digs on a theme to try to deduce from the discovery of a piece of bone the vocation of its owner. It is risky. In our case, the bone tip of this theme was a sun and a Cancer Ascendant (sign of human warmth, protection) which, combined with a dominant Moon (star representing the mother, women, emotions) led to the conclusion that this was the theme of a potential housewife. This proved to be inaccurate.

First of all, it had to be taken into account that the evolution of this person consisted in living a first part of life where work would take a large part and that she would live in a pregnant way. his dedication to serving others, which really happened. The Lunar Nodes evoked this frame very well. How could she have become a perfect housewife by being tense by the need to work while pursuing a solitary quest? Cancer expresses itself by a rather mild character and its energy displays rather a form of human heat very Cancer. But it is a trait of character, a tool of his being to feel and interact with others in his everyday life. A tool does not do the work and even less the worker.

We all have a beautiful toolkit that we have available to live, and that is our functioning, our character, our strengths, our skills and our difficulties, our blockages and our clumsiness too. But we are not reduced to her tools.

We have a soul to which we can connect by our feelings and who knows our desire to evolve, she knows the experience that we wanted to live in this life, she knows the main choice of our life and knows how to discern the use of our tools, of the road towards which our life leads us. This soul has left us some clues to open a door to his plans. To see these clues, the Lunar Nodes function as a pair of binoculars pointed at our soul. It is up to us to decide to see more clearly.

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