Astrology and free will


The question of free will, when one is interested in astrology, is one of the fundamental questions that comes up frequently. The more we understand astrology, the more we know its theme, the more we discover forms of conditioning. At the same time, the more one knows oneself through astrology or another practice, the more one frees oneself from one’s condition.

Personnage et voûte célesteIt is this paradox that is difficult to understand or implement. One can free oneself from a condition, but never by fleeing or denying it, only by understanding it from within. But sometimes we seek to free ourselves for external benefits. For example, we do not want to be slaves to hard work or repeated relational failures. So we go to see an astrologer to understand how we can free ourselves from that. We learn to know ourselves. This echoes. Then when we understand our problem comes the question that kills, « How do I do to free myself from it? And that’s where we bear down, do 1000 coaching trainingsand other magical therapies to find release keys … that work or almost. Why? Because liberation cannot be the fruit of an expectation of external result. It can only result from an internal revolution.

It is for this reason that I study astrology by seeking the essential energy of each thing, the root of the elements that compose it. I give less importance to what is manifesting out there. So that we can understand ourselves instead of focusing on what happens to us. Astrology and free will is a subject that makes us constantly go back and forth about ourselves in the discovery and approach of this art.

You will find in this page some articles classified under this theme. They contain questions, experiences or reflections that relate to this subject. Good reading!

Kindly and marvellously translated by Michel Mathieu & Kathy Maloney (Full of gratitude for them)

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